LLC «Sawing and woodworking industrial complex №2» (Russia, the Vologda area)

The transport organization and driving up for loading, in amount about 20 cargo awning lorry trucks, transportation of the dismantled equipment from the Kingdom of Sweden to Russia.
Mounting of the technology equipment of the second-hand line of saw-timbers sorting, ancillary equipment, the equipment of support and carrying metalware of the saw-timbers sorting workshop, including:

  • check and a marking of bases for the installation of the equipment and metal construction workshop buildings, preparation of hardware constructions of the line to mounting, cleaning of welded joints, other preparatory works; mounting of a mechanical part of a line and of the metal construction of the workshop buildings
  • mounting of pneumatic and hydraulic system of a line
  • constructive changes in the line equipment (change of the length of the trimmer parting-off and change of the length of alignment before the Packaging Machine)
  • mounting of the electric power cable lines and the equipment
  • installation of the automatic control system equipment and instrumentation management system, control cable lines
  • ancillary equipment mounting
  • fault detection of units, parts, aggregates, systems of a line with later replacement or repair
  • drawing up and proper design of the executive documentation on all sections of mounting and setting operations
  • preparation and prime coating of welded joints and places with mechanical, corrosion damage of a paint film or its absence on joints, aggregates and a line and workshopshop metalware
  • functionality check, setting and launch of all systems and the line and workshop equipment as a whole

Training of the LLC “LDK№2” staff so they could control and manage servicing of the line and the sorting workshop equipment as a whole.

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