The non-standard equipment

Delivery of the non-standard equipment.

Each enterprise has own exclusive technological special features.

It is caused by many reasons:

  • specificity of manufacture and the market
  • combination of equipment different on technical and exploitable characteristics: on           productivity, service life
  • specificity of accepted on manufacture technology
  • specificity of raw materials and half-finished materials suppliers
  • logistics specificities

All these factors (as well as many others) leave the mark on manufacture. We see very often that in the market standard and most widespread models which for many reasons don’t answer specialties of the specific firm are frequently presented. In this connection at purchase of the new equipment people have to change the adjusted production line or to buy the equipment with similar but not always exact and necessary technical characteristics, to overpay for unnecessary possibilities.

Consequences of such “standard” decision are:

  • excessive and ineffective expenditures on irrational automation of production sectors
  • the equipment is not directly used and that accelerates its deterioration and can lead to the supplier warranty loss
  • low output
  • lack of technological effectiveness
  • excessive increase of the project cost
  • attempts to adjust manufacture under the standard decision of the supplier
  • the increase of “the human factor” instead of reduction of its role

We will solve all these questions!