Dismantle and mounting of the woodworking equipment

Our company is narrowly specialized in dismantle and mounting of the sawing and woodworking equipment, and throughout seven years of work in Russia and the European Union countries has gained a wide experience in this sphere. Also we give great attention to quality of preparation of bases, building constructions and buildings that considerably influences periods and quality of mounting. Before the start of the mounting the accurate network diagram of carrying out the installation works with step-by-step start of sections of the mounted equipment is made, using as (taking into account complexity of executable operations) the own highly-skilled personnel, as well as invited experts of foreign supervision firms with whom we have permanent job experience.

We offer such services, as:

  • dismantle and mounting (by our own means) in the European countries and in any region of Russia
  • the mounting technical documentation of the equipment is made if needed
  • carrying out (at wish of the client) loading and delivery of the dismantled equipment (disassembled) by an optimal type of transport with minimization of expenses across Russia and abroad (with customs pass and a customs clearance in Russia)
  • complex dismantle and installation of equipment, including the electrician and automatics
  • dismantle and mounting of the used (second-hand) equipment without the technical documentation is possible
  • packaging arrangement with the additional equipment with launch and equipment checkout organization
  • performance of installation of equipment of any complexity and non-standard decisions implementation
  • training of employees of the company for hardware maintenance
  • carrying out of the analysis of produced operations
  • invitation of foreign experts (if needed) for supervising operations
  • warranty and out-of-warranty hardware maintenance