Mechanization and automation

Experts in automatics project, program and carry out wiring and automation of the woodworking equipment. The modern equipment and software allow you to fulfill successful realization of different objects automation. Our standard management systems are based on Siemens logic units. Leaning against the help of partners in cooperation, we can perform the operation connected to the software and standards of other leading producers in the field.

If you need the production efficiency increase, connect us. We can make you an offer of high-quality mechanization and automation of your equipment which:

  • will reduce an amount of occupied staff
  • will implement productive potential of the primary equipment
  • will allow you to increase volume and quality of production
  • will reduce technological losses of production and percent of waste in production
  • will provide maintenance of continuous flow of production
  • will reduce the tool deterioration and hold-down, shipping elements, will provide uniformly distributed load while treating materials

Thus, implementation of the given automated systems reduces the finished goods cost price, and makes probable a product output with the impossible at the mechanized technical process characteristics. Besides, the organization of a woodworking flow process helps to prevent any defects and waste in production, reduces «the human factor» to a minimum.