Woodworking engineering is an obtaining of the circuitry “on a turn-key basis”, completely corresponding to your tasks and purposes both from economic benefit, and from technical aspects of operation.

Woodworking engineering assumes production technology development, detailed calculation and the organization of all operations to trifles, and also integration of a woodworking complex into a single whole. As a result you receive a processing line with the given parameters, allowing you to operate with the optimal method. Woodworking engineering is a real saving of means, reduction of the production price, and, as consequence, profit magnification. According to experts, the recoupment of competent engineering decisions makes to 300 %, which is considered to be a very high index.

Woodworking engineering can be led for the existing enterprise as well: in this case you receive a detailed situation assessment and a complex of advices about improving and re-equipment according to the modern technical and economic requirements.

The purposes which we pursue by Engineering carrying out, include:

  • Determination of the optimal logistical circuit of the enterprise (on concrete industrial platform, considering existing roads, buildings and constructions, engineering networks etc.).
  • Development of individual technological process.
  • Selection of the core and ancillary equipment appropriate exclusively for your manufacture and its coordination in speeds, capacities, geometrical parameters in conditions of specific industrial platform.
  • Search of non-standard engineering and design decisions directed on reduction of factor costs at manufacture, reduction of risks connected to the human factor.
  • Development of logistics unified system and fabrication cycle control.
  • Coordination of the equipment delivery time for the planning of the work on preparation of an industrial platform for installation works.
  • Collection of the documentation (wiring diagrams, bases plans, laying power wiring, water, aspiration systems etc.) from equipment providers.
  • Design engineering according to the Russian Building Norms and Rules.

The timely and correct decision of these questions minimizes financial and production risks, and allows carrying out the full control at all stages of enterprises creation, reconstruction or upgrade.