• Woodworking machinery from Europe

    The professional woodworking is possible only at use of the high-efficiency and qualitative woodworking equipment, delivery, experts of the given branch are engaged in installation and which dismantle. Woodworking manufacture will be a success only in the event that the specialized equipment corresponding to its working areas, capacities and to outputs is used.

Techservice - best technologies from Europe

You want to raise quality of production and to optimize production process, to increase production volume, to release new production, or you only plan to be engaged in a woodworking?

You don’t need to waste time and means for various marketing researches - trust in LLC “Techservice” experience.

“Techservice” is a delivery, dismantle, mounting, transportation, customs design of the wood processing equipment and saw-timbers from the European Union countries, Sweden, Finland, Germany, France.


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Our services

  • Reconstruction and improvement of woodworking manufactures.
  • Perfection of forest products processing technologies.
  • Production process automation.
  • Delivery of logging and woodworking equipment (new and second-hand) from Europe.
  • Equipment selection for your industrial platforms, fabrication cycles and production volumes.
  • Support of the operations complex of dismantlement, loading, transportation, customs design and installation of equipment.
  • Starting-up and adjustment operations and hardware maintenance